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by Nicole

Huge congratulations to Nicole , from Class 4, who was awarded a runners up prize in the annual EDP/Bayer Crop Science Norfolk Children's Poetry Competition  2013. 

Nicole attended the Norwich Forum on Thursday October 3th with her dad and Mr Hodge, to receive her prize and read her poem. 



Friendship is no sacrifice

It comes to you for free

It requires no hard work

Just that you stay kind

Friendship gives you many gifts

Happiness and loyalty

In time it grows stronger.


The longer you wait the more you lose

But in time it all comes back

It can stand stoney,  like rock

And can crumble like sand

Sometimes it can be rebuilt

But it can also stay in ruins.


By Harry Thomas,  age 11



Friendship is like a new beginning

You don’t know what will happen

Friendship is like war

They can be with you or not

Friendship is like a blossoming rose

It may seem nice but can prick when you least expect


Friendship is like a kiwi

Rough on the outside and

Soft on the inside

Friendship is like a book

The cover may look nice but

You never know


Friendship is like a Phoenix

Always a legendary thing

But fiery

Friendship is like school

You may learn some things

If you’re in the mood.



By Michael Roffe, age 11


My Friend for Life

My friend for life,

He makes me happy when I’m sad,

Even with a sodden coat he’s fun to be around.

I can trust Max with my life,

Our friendship is a never ending glue,

Like we’re sewn together him and me,

My friend for life.


Always in a sprightly mood,

Jumping up all the time,

Although he may be crazy,

He never crosses the line.


Sometimes our friendship suffers,

In deep turmoil,

But he always comes around,

My friend for life.


In winter we’ll get back from walk,

He’ll be damp and caked in mud,

But he’ll still jump on my bed.


Max is very special,

He’ll do what I say,

But only what I say,

He’s adorable and will always love me.


In the years to come he’ll soon be gone,

I’ve known him for six years you see,

Even when he is gone,

I will always love him,

And he will always love me,

My friend for life


True friendship takes time,

They’re not just made in a day.

He’s special, and will always be with me.


                       By Holly Salmon, age 11

My Best Friend


My best friend is very odd

When I leave my home in the morning

He sits on his bed all curled up

And when I come back in the evening

He hasn’t moved an inch.


I love my friend even though

He has an unnaturally weird craze for

Bean shoots.


He loves sheep

(Although he has never seen one)

Me and him are opposites

White, black, big, small

He is irresistible.


If you hug him he wouldn’t mind

But his sisters would.


My best friend loves me

Although if he found someone else

He might just go with them.

I am slightly worried that when I go

On holiday

He will leave me.

All friendships have little problems but it feels

Like the world exploding


My best friend is my cat.


By Cole Dixon, age 10



Nicole Wows Norwich Forum               

Nicole reads out her poem

The theme for the 2013 competition was ‘’Friendship”. Class 4 worked hard during their literacy lessons, learning about the features and ideas behind writing fantastic poetry.  The children were inspired to write some amazing, thoughtful and poignant poems about their friends, pets and their idea of what friendship means. 


Tom Blofield of Bewilderwood was one of the first round judges, with 500 poems competing.  Once through the first round, Nicole was chosen as one of the finalists - a fantastic achievement when the quality of the poems was so high this year.

Congratulations also go to Cole, Harry, Holly and Michael who had their poems printed alongside Nicole's in a special EDP poetry supplement in early October.