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New Head for a Day Elected!


                   The Candidates place their votes... hope they voted for themselves!

Key Stage 2 got invoved in the democratic process this month by voting for the next head teacher for Wreningham (although they would only be in the role for one day only in July). Children in assembly 4 listened intently to the election speeches delivered by the candidates and decided which manifestos were most attractive. 

After everyone had popped their vote into the ballot box (all secret of course), the voting papers were counted up. It was a close contest , but a winner was elected and will become Wrenigham's Head Teacher for a day on July 20th.  As well as dealing with school business in the office, the 'new' head has planned aHarry Potter experience day.  Well done to all the candidates, who impressed us all with their confident, clear and professional speeches.



                                       The voting paper - Only an 'X' will count         


          The polling station get incredible busy.. everyone is keen to take part


                                       Into the booth to make that big decision...


       ...and the winner is ?






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