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Wreningham VC Primary School


Class 4 Diary

Summer 2021

This half-term's Christian Value is


After School Club Update

Beginning Mon 12 Sept 2021 -

Year 5/6 Netball

Beginning Tues 13 Sept 2021 -

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

Beginning Friiday 12th March -

Year 4/6 Sportshall Atheltics



Some key dates for your diary!


Mon 9th to Thur 12th

Year 6 National SATs tests week

September 2021:

Mon 6 Sept

School Re-opens for

Autumn 1 Term

Mon 20 Sept

Class 3 and 4 trip to Norfolk Records Office

October 2021


Mon 11 Oct

Year 3/4 and 5/6 Girls football teams at South Norfolk Tournament. (postponed - new date to follow)

Wed 13 Oct

Class 4 Parents Residential Meeting - 3:10pm

Fri 22 Oct

School Closes for


Half- Term:

Monday 25 Oct to Fri 29 Oct

November 2021

Mon 1 Nov

School Opens After Half-term

Wed 3 Nov to Fri 5 Nov

Class 4 Residential to Horstead

Sat 6 Nov

Open morning for next years parents.  10:00 to 12:00


Tue 7 Dec

KS2 Xmas Play

9:30 am and 6:00pm in the Village Hall

Wed 8, Thu 9, Fri 10 Dec

Class 1 & 2 Xmas Nativity

in school hall

Fri 17 Dec

School Closes for Xmas Holidays

Xmas Holiday:

Mon 20 Dec to Wed 5 Jan


(Staff Training Day

in School Wed 5th Jan)

Thur 6 Jan

School Opens for Spring Term


Summer 1 Dates:


Mon 9th to Thur 12th

Year 6 National SATs

test week


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School Logo

Wreningham VC
Primary School
Ashwellthorpe Road,
Norfolk NR16 1AW



Click here for our Autumn 2021 Curriculum booklet


Summer 2021 - We Made It

Good Luck Year 6 and Thankyou


Thank you Class 4, and especially year 6- you have been incredible (and a big thank you to all your parents and carers who helped you in home school) during this tough 18 months.

Hopefully we will look back in years to come at the spring term of 2021 and say, 'what a strange time that was, but we did it - we learnt how to be independent and resilient and came through the experience more powerful than we were before'.

Now lets hope for a positive, fun, wonderful summer  - and maybe even some normality in the autumn term.








            That Crazy Time in March 2020

  When We Locked Down For the First Time:

All our lockdown our daily learning from March through unitl July can still be found on #C4TOGETHER pages and in the archioves there.


Before you start,   I want you all to read below the tree, just so we realise what we achieved before that day on 20th March when we were all sent home - it was truly incredible.


I know last year seems to have finished early, but just look at what we've achieved :

                                     - Learnt to play the ocarina

                          - Read Philip Pullman's 'Clockwork'                 

- Sang in the Christmas Nativity

- Tackled great heights and paddled canoes at Horstead residenial

- Created beautful pastel Hy-brasil artwork

- Played in (and won) the South Norfolk Tag Rugby Tournament

- Have begun reading The Time Machine by H.G.Wells

- Created beautiful Wire Sculpures

- Competed in (and won) the South Norfolk Basketball Tournament

- Learnt many classic poems, including 'Invictus',

'If' and 'Jabberwocky'

- Written Gothic Stories

- Designed peppermint boxes and made tasty mints

-Created watercolour landscape artwork

- Led the school Xmas service

- Played football in the Norwich City football Tournament'

- Led the school Easter service

- Built cameras and periscopes

- Learnt about life in the favellas of Brasil

- Played in the S.Norfolk Girls Football Tournament

                          - Learnt to play cricket for the first time

                         - Swam for our lives in the cluster gala

- Answered challenging questions in Wymondham Book Quiz

- Created beautiful favella artwork

                - Took charge of assemblies for the whole school

         - Helped achieve the top grade in our SIAMS inspection!

          - Visited the Norfolk Records Archive and took part in      

                                       local history interviews

            - Dressed up as a myriad of characters in Book Week

      - Laughed and laughed and laughed... especially at your   

                              teacher's fantastic jokes of the day

                         - Sent rubbish to the moon, or maybe not

                         - Have become arithmetic champions

                   - Taught PE to the tiniest members of school

                         - Took charge of the world's best library

                         - Raised money for all kinds of chariies

            - Eaten liquorice, floral gums, cherry lips and tic-tacs,

                                   and made them, last forever                        

         - Had deep discussions about philosophy and theology

     - Ran and ran in the cold and pouring rain at after-school      

                                  clubs, and never complained

                         - Designed and built cities of the future

               - Had fun, chatted, (alot), laughed, cried, moaned,   

           giggled, sang, and came up with incredible answers to    

                                        impossible questions

But we've not finished yet.... through these pages we will put our class back together and finish the year whatever it takes,  so stay tuned everyday.  You have not gotten rid of class 4 that easily.


                             Click here for the


   LockdownWeekly Work Portal


    Hey... what are you still doing here... click the link above,   

                   you're late for class, get a move on !


   Click here for our Autumn 2019 Curriculum booklet

   Click here for our Spring 2020 Curriculum booklet



The Hunger Game 2018 Archive


The class of 2019 smashed it

The performance of the century






Two Performances Only : 

Wreningham Village Hall

Thursday 12th July

First Show:   9:45 am

Final Show:   6:00 pm





Class 4 Found Working in Silence !

A strange phenomenon has occurred this half term, with class 4 being found working in absolute silence.

A major cause of this odd event has been the determination to beat the infamous 'Mad Minute Multiplication Challenge'. 

As these pictures show, it's no surprise that we are flying through our times tables at breakneck speed.

Click on the Maths link below for copies of the Mad Minute test to try at home.

Are they asleep?  No , I think they're actually hard at work!






What are we learning in class at the moment?

   Click on the subject to visit the page!

Literacy Maths Science
Topic P.E.
Music French





Relive Our Activities/Plays/Events from the Past


Koraline in Celluloid

Re-visit our amazing, creepy and original take

of the brilliant 'Coraline' story by Neil Gaiman. 

Listen to 'The Boss'






Titanic Poetry

(Quite Literally...)

We started the summer term by studying an amazing poem by Thomas Hardy , called 'The Convergence of the Twain', about the meeting of the Titanic and the iceberg which sealed it's fate.

Click to read some of our incredible poems

We really got to grips with this tricky but powerful poem, expanding our vocabulary and improving our poetry skills.  Have a look at the poem we created in class together below.  If you think this is good, come back soon when all our incredible Titanic poems will be online.

Here's our class poem which the children in Class 4 wrote as

a collaborative effort before creating their own individual poetry.



The debate has been raging in Class 4 as to whether graffiti is a terrible form of vandalism or a beautiful modern art.

In our literacy lessons we have honed our balanced argument skills and produced some fantastic writing, presenting both sides of the debate.  The general consensus was that if graffiti is put up in designated areas, and the artists are not breaking the law, it can be a fantastic, imaginative style of art.


In art, we have learnt the skills needed to design striking designs, using the features which graffiti artists employ. You can see these on our graffiti wall in Class 4 and in this gallery:

Click to see our graffiti throw-ups

Class 4 have been working hard in literacy and with  the amazing opera and musical directors from The Theatre Royal Norwich to produce their own version of the opera Hansel and Gretel.

Click to visit our Opera Page

We wanted to put a real alternative twist on the original fairy story/traditional tale, and our ideas have really given the story into a new modern dimension, whilst still maintaining the theme of the original.

We will be working hard for next next five weeks with our theatre professionals to put on a fantastic show at the Theatre Royal on Sunday 10th November.  Before that, we will all be visiting the theatre first for a backstage tour, then to watch the Glyndebourne Opera version of Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Link to the Glyndebourne Hansel and Gretel Page






'The World Was Waiting' ...

and you didn't let them down !

You were FANTASTIC !!!

On Thursday July 18th, Class 4 gave the performance of their lives, wowing the audience with their professional, engaging and poignant performance of The Hunger Game. Thankyou so much for your hard work, dedication and limitless enthusiasm - it was a night not to be forgotten.

Click on Kat below for The Hunger Gallery

A Word about the Play

Our primary school version is based on the book by Susanne Collins, but will explore the some of the ideas and characters in the book,  and not necessarily all the events and themes.  Some children in class 4 have previously read the book, and even more have seen the film,  however we will not be reading the book or watching any of the film, and so will create our own unique twist on the story.

Visit the Hunger Game Portal...





    is our home-school 

    classroom online

     Click here for




Our Class Rules:

Relive the Original 2013 Class 4 World Premier 'Hunger Game'


Class 4 Art Gallery Archive

Our Artwork is the highest quality you will find anywhere!

Dragonfly Swarm



Fair Trade Project


Time Machines


Pencil vs Photo


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Puppet Madness

Art Exhibition Entries

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